Creative Content Writer - SYDE

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Marketing


About Syde

Syde is an integrated technology startup. What do we do you ask? We engineer technology experiences. Everything from high performance cell phone charging to complex automation. Our goal is to build technological solutions centered around your life for your convenience while utilizing methods of reducing power consumption, energy use, and time wastage to pay itself back. Syde was founded in June of 2016 and is now a multinational company with offices in Shenzhen, China; Chicago, IL; and upcoming offices in Mumbai, India.

How do we grow so fast, and so successfully?

The key ingredients to our success is our ability to level ourselves with the consumer, a progressive and evolving company culture, our cutting-edge technology, and best of all our enthusiastic employees.

What you’ll be doing?

You are our customer ambassador. Your ONLY goal is to put yourself in the shoes of customers and drive our company in that direction. You will have three primary goals in the company from which your time will be split between. Eventually, these roles will transpire into their own jobs more than likely at your lead.

As a Lead Creative:

Bad design, bad visuals, and subpar presentation should have you screaming in your head. You channel that hatred and frustration into putting together mind-blowing visuals design to sell and represent the brand. You examine every aspect to the pixel and won’t let the tiniest of details get by you. All the lazy designers hate you with a burning passion. They get nightmares in the night thinking about your proofing reviews.

As a Content Marketer and Writer:

You are a sales engine, pumping out content line by line, page by page. Whether it be a small article, a bullet point sentence, or a short 150 character phrase, you always pull through with someone so catching, so relatable that your customers ask themselves after blindly checking out, how did this company read my mind?

As a Customer Experience Manager:

Lastly, you find every company you contact subpar in service, robotic in nature, and hate their dis-appreciation to centralize their service around you rather than the opposite. Every time you call for help, you have a burning desire to find a company that fulfills your expectations for decent support. This is your chance to build an experience not decent, or even worse to normal standards, but to nearly magical standards. You fly customers on a private jet while other companies send them flying economy basic on a delayed Spirit airlines flight.


What we expect from you:



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