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About Moonshot

Moonshot’s mission is to create and service the innovative digital products that businesses need to transform entire industries. Our blend of data science, experience design, and development operations allows businesses to breakthrough existing digital boundaries. Our Experiences group’s goal is to Create. We create human-centric experiences using our deep expertise in the next-generation of ambient technologies. We create perspectives to help educate our own team, clients, and industries. We create our own products as outcomes of our passion to experiment, break, and tinker. We are building a different kind of services company that helps the world understand how to build their next moonshot. Whether we're creating new products or helping businesses expand its reach, people at Moonshot are makers at heart from all walks of life solving problems and working together to define the world the third wave of internet as created. Because to do this takes every one of us – and we’re just starting.

Position Summary

The Experience Designer will work on various experiences focused on the intersection of human behavior and technology (client-based or proactive internal initiatives) alongside a multi-disciplinary team comprising of other designers, researchers, digital product managers, and technologists. This candidate will execute on the design thinking process for creating usable, loveable, and feasible human-centered experiences that solve an unmet opportunity. For Moonshot’s Experiences team, the next wave of innovative digital products and experiences focused on amplified intelligence, data and cloud platforms, and next generation customer touch-points (e.g. IoT, wearables, natural language processing, virtual and augmented reality) across physical and digital environments is core to our DNA. Reporting to the Head of Experiences, the Experience Designer must thrive within a lean-matrixed, entrepreneurial environment. Success requires exceptional organization and interpersonal skills, along with an ability to solve problems on the fly. Beyond client engagements, the Experience Designer will contribute to the vision and brand of the Next-Gen Experiences practice and help shape their internal creative lab; creating a strong design centric culture with the team, across Moonshot, and its partner groups.


• Be relentlessly curious about what is coming next in the world of digital innovation, beyond the design of websites and mobile app, and be driven to define related experiences and/or perspectives.

• Voraciously consume and produce best practices related to experience augmentation using artificial intelligence and interactions that occur off screen (voice/conversation)

• Ability to lead design thinking sessions using iterative design techniques that include observational studies, customer interviews, usability testing, and other forms of qualitative and quantitative research

• Collaborate with small, cross-functional teams made up of Digital Product Management, Technology, and Amplified Intelligence experts


• Bachelors in HCI, Cognitive Science, UX, Fine Arts, Visual Communication, or a related degree from an accredited institution

• 2-6 years of user experience, HCI, or interaction design experience across a variety of industries and challenges. Digital and physical preferred, print is respected

• A strong portfolio around creating user experiences with tangible business impact

• Proven track record of delivering innovative offline and online experiences to market industry – integrating the capabilities such as cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies (i.e. IBM Watson and Amazon Alexa Skills) into digital products

• Proven ability to create user-centered design based on your understanding of HCI fundamentals, UX design best practices, patterns, HCI practices, concept validation and research techniques, with an appreciation and foundation in visual design practices

• Possess demonstrable experience with the entire UX stack (strategy, research, interaction design, visual design, and development) with a primary focus in one or more of these areas

• Possess enough knowledge to be dangerous in the tools to create prototype from fast to polished ones, including HTML, CSS, and jQuery

• Skillful integration of research findings, new ideas, creative innovation, and industry-leading practices to generate unique, strategic solutions

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