Social Media Intern - Midwest Immersive

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Marketing · INTERNSHIP


Why work with Midwest Immersive: Because 21st-century consumers are unlike previous generations, the relationship between brands and their customers becomes increasingly challenging to maintain. Struggling to keep up with rapidly evolving standards and expectations, today’s consumers want more - a unique, customizable experience not only engaging but unparalleled to anything they’ve seen before. Midwest Immersive exists to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds and create those experiences to help brands develop deeper, more meaningful connections with today’s consumers.

General nature of the position, overview, and what should be accomplished: As a company, we advise our clients on the importance of engaging with 21st-century consumers in a manner that will most resonate with them. We cannot adequately or effectively do this if we do not maintain an ongoing social media conversation with that same consumer demographics. We are developing thought leadership in this field and we have quickly learned that ongoing social media engagement requires a full-time individual. The overall functions for this role are to help Midwest Immersive develop more in-depth social media messaging, mainly on (but not limited to) the LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook platforms. We are looking for someone who understands these social media outlets and can help develop and refine our online presence. The success of this role is defined by the content put out on behalf of Midwest Immersive, the engagement generated by this content and the social media following gained as a result.

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This is an unpaid internship with the following benefits:

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