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Chicago, Illinois, United States · Engineering · FULLTIME


Trala is building software that teaches anyone how to play the violin through tutorial videos and signal processing that listens to users play their real violins and gives instant feedback on every mistake. This is crazy-hard and requires us to solve new problems in signal processing, app design, user psychology, and education. When we first started out, a signal processing professor told us: “I’m not sure the signal processing you’ll need to develop is even possible.”

Over 2 years, we have organically grown Trala to 150,000 downloads, a worldwide userbase, and support from some of the most famous violinists in the world. Our users are ages 7 to 70 and live in rural Montana, Syria, tiny Pacific islands, Hong Kong, and of course, Chicago. They’re not businesses or governments, they’re people. They’ve dreamt of learning violin for years and we’re fulfilling those dreams. They say things like: “I had never progressed this far no matter what I did. I just want to say thank you. You made my dream come true”


Lead Android Engineer. You will be building the first version of the Trala Android app from scratch. You will make the decisions that keep us light and flexible. You will be ultimately responsible for a high-performance, beautiful, and bug free app. You will also help build the Android team and then lead it. If that level of responsibility excites you, you might be a fit.

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