Senior Software Engineer - WatchTower

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Engineering · FEATURED FULLTIME


About WatchTower

We build technology that powers insurance companies and brokers to be smarter, faster and more reliable. We enable employers to provide protection that employees and their families can depend on. We are WatchTower.

Founded to transform the B2B side of the employee benefits insurance industry from a disparate set of closed systems to a more open and integrated environment, weimagine a future where the industry is connected and facilitated by software instead of bottlenecked by manual processes.

Our founding team has 35+ years of industry experience. We have spent the last two years building the foundation of this business. We’ve been testing assumptions, developing product, and earning (paying) customers. We recently raised capital to expand our team beyond the founding members. There’s much work to do, and you’ll be joining at an exciting time with substantial momentum.

Position Overview

Customer demand has surpassed the functionality, and scalability, of the initial proof-of-concept product. We have a capable and seasoned team - with a CTO, Engineering Team Lead, and UX Designer already in place - but adding a Senior Engineer to support the growing business has become vital.

As one of the first full time Engineers, your contributions will have a ripple effect. Your development choices will inherently set the precedent for others to follow, and your attitude will help shape the culture.

This will be a role where you should expect to grow into your career. If you're someone who gets excited about the opportunity to contribute at a MeetUp, then you might be a great fit. You don't need to love public speaking, but you should have conviction in your opinions because they're rooted in personal experience.

Our Stack

The Senior Engineer will be responsible for understanding, helping to manage and improve upon this infrastructure.

What You'll Do


*Note: Familiarity with the insurance industry is not a requirement. We'll teach you the ropes!


Where you’ll work

Team Values

WatchTower is a values-based organization. Our Team Values are the beliefs that we hold so deeply that they guide our behavior. This isn’t just rhetoric. You can see our Team Values in how we how conduct ourselves, how we treat and communicate with others, and how we make decisions - big or small.

We believe that if our team operates around a shared set of values, then we’ll collectively grow and be more successful for it. For that reason we’re seeking like-motivated candidates who demonstrate the following:

  1. Growth mindset - You fundamentally believe that you can improve.
  2. Follow through - When you commit to something you feel a personal obligation to deliver on it.
  3. Respect for the individual - You show respect for others through your action and communication with them.
  4. Passion for the team - Individual talents combine to an exponentially powerful team.
  5. Optimism - You know that the future will be better if we work hard. You realize that a lot can be accomplished over the long term.

WatchTower is committed to building an inclusive working environment regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, education, age, or other personal characteristics. We believe that people do their best work when they can be themselves, and we want to create an environment to enable them to do just that.

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