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At Qooley, our mission is to improve the way people experience the world. Our goal is to facilitate a connection between curious travelers and passionate locals.
We have two mobile app platforms; (1) Qooley – a platform where travelers can browse and book activities/experiences offered by locals, and (2) QooleyBiz – a platform where locals can create such activities/experiences.

We are seeking a passionate individual who is eager to work with a start-up in the travel experience space. The UX Research Intern will play a crucial a role in inspiring design changes of our mobile apps through the delivery of exciting written, oral, and visual presentations about the research findings. This includes assisting the company (Qooley) in understanding our consumer’s experience with the existing travel apps and tools first, and then providing specific recommendations to enhance our mobile app experience, upon conducting in-person interviews and online surveys, and then analyzing the data to form an efficient UX design strategy for our mobile apps. The overall goal is to ensure that our mobile app feel very intuitive, fun, and accessible.

Intern Responsibilities:
• Spearhead the planning and conducting of consumer research.
• Conduct preliminary research to identify target markets.
• Identify qualitative & quantitative data points required for user experience research.
• Draft quantitative and qualitative research questions for in-person interviews and online surveys.
• Conduct at least 30 in-person interviews for each mobile app platform.
• Conduct usability testing with current mobile apps.
• Collect, organize and analyze data. Translate results to actionable ideas to strategize app designs.
• Communicate progress of research on a bi-weekly basis to the executive team.


Preferred Qualifications:
• Education – must be enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program or have experience in either marketing, cognitive science, consumer psychology, information science, or any other related field. A working experience of the equivalent is also acceptable for the position.
• Communication skills – must possess excellent communication skills to be able to relay the research methodology concepts and findings to product department personnel and to other collaborating personnel in a clear, simple, and relatable manner. Candidates’ communication skills have to be good both in written and verbal form to be able to conduct interviews.
• Interpersonnel skills - must display a genuine passion for product-centric innovation; an ability to work well independently as well as with a team; must have a keen and exceptional attention to detail; and more importantly, an ability to identify root recommendations inspired by the consumers’ needs and behaviors.
• MS Office skills – be able to use MS office suite to organize and analyze data.

- Candidates who send cover letters will be evaluated first :)


At Qooley, you will get a chance to work in a fast paced startup environment, with the ability to be independent, creative, and drive the entire UX strategy. Along with a strong resume boost, we will provide a salary compensation per every iteration you work with us. Each iteration will be 4-6 weeks in length.

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