iOS/Swift Developer - Qooley

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Engineering · CONTRACT


Company Description:
We have a native IOS app in the travel booking space that we are looking to launch very soon. There are two apps, one which which is used by travelers and the other is used by service providers.

Scope of Work:
We are looking for a dedicated front-end IOS developer that can work on our project full-time and help us launch the app in 2-3 weeks (Phase 1). We have a back-end developer (ROR) whom the front-end developer (Swift) will have to work closely with. Once the app is on the app store, we will continue working with the developer to fix any outstanding bugs or add enhancements based on feedback from beta users. This is potentially a long term opportunity, if we feel that the developer is a valuable addition to our team.

The developer must have excellent experience in building booking platforms, as well as using the following APIs and tools:

AWS for hosting app server and database
Checkr API
Twilio for messaging/calling
Stripe Payment Gateway
Google Maps


Selection Process

If we decide to move forward after the interview, we will share our code and allow the developer to review the code as well as every requirement in detail, and give us an exact estimate of how many hours he/she will require to complete Phase 1. After this, we will select the person that best meets our budget and quality requirements.

Scalability and Performance Testing:
We are looking for a developer that has experience working on apps that have scaled to thousands of users
We will require that the app be tested thoroughly for scalability through simulations
Complete end-to-end testing and stress testing must be conducted through well defined processes

Please include a cover letter, in which you can mention any past apps and similar work you have completed

The apps must pass Apple Review, be deployed on the app store, and be fully tested as part of Milestone 1


We are open to negotiating with discussing the rate and compensation based on the code review.

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