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At Rainway our core mission is using our innovative game streaming technology to provide gamers with freedom and choice in how they experience their favorite games. We are committed to building a positive community, capable of having fun anywhere.

As the demand for mobile games increases, Rainway wishes to move current console/PC gamers to its mobile editions. It also wants to engage the existing mobile market to capture new users.

Your Challenge is to develop positioning and channel recommendations for Rainway to engage current PC gamers and the existing mobile market. Provide your rationale and relevant data to support your recommendations. At the end of this Challenge, both participants and Rainway should have a deep understanding of the demand for playing video games in a more mobile fashion.

Participants will receive a full case briefing at the beginning of the Challenge.


*Must be a registered MBA or Specialty master candidate at an accredited MBA program. An interest in gaming and interactive media preferred.

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This is a real project that has the potential to add value to an early-stage startup that recently raised its seed round funding and is rapidly expanding. The top performer will win a $500 cash prize and innovative experience to add to their resume


1st Place: $500

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