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About Us

Transship was established to disrupt the logistics of exporting perishable goods. Our platform will do to international shipments of perishable goods what Fed Ex and UPS did to parcel shipments. Make it easier, more affordable and more efficient. Our goal is to reduce the frustration and time that it takes for a Shipper to arrange for the shipment while also reducing the labor costs for the various vendors; steamship lines, customs brokers, carriers.

If you are looking for a start up with a global marketplace and be a part of the management team that guides the company as it reaches it’s goals, then you may have found the right place.

The CTO will be in charge of fine-tuning the platform’s technology and be responsible to update and implement any required changes. As the company grows, the CTO will manage a team of technicians that will report to the CTO. The CTO is to be dependable with a solid technological and managerial track record.

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Technical vision: The CTO must work with the CEO and other executives to develop a technical strategy for the company. This involves goal-setting, discussing options, and analyzing risks. The technical strategy must align with your Transship’s overall business objectives, so the CTO will need both technical skills and good business sense to successfully fulfill this responsibility.
  2. Production: Working with engineering and production VPs, the CTO will aid recruitment and retention efforts, streamlines production operations, and advocate for innovative ideas, high production, and individuals on the team. The CTO will maximize the efficiency of production efforts by coordinating the various teams and operations involved in the process and ensuring there is no overlap.
  3. Business development: The CTO has a responsibility to our business partners, and he or she fulfills that by aiding acquisition efforts, building the company’s presence and voice, and keeping up on competitive trends, both in the market and among partners. The CTO will keep an eye out for new technological developments that can help the company improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  4. End-user responsibility: The CTO will provide market expertise to Transship’s sales organization while helping build relationships with potential customers. He or she builds confidence in the company’s vision, participates in customer meetings, and works diligently to meet end-user needs.
  5. Marketing: For the public, the CTO provides a face for Transship’s technical vision. This is done by engaging in speaking opportunities, conferences, media activities, etc. Also, the CTO utilizes social media and online marketing strategies to build a strong online presence. Within Transship, the CTO works with the marketing team to develop strategies and plan community-related efforts.


Practical engineering skills: The CTO should have practical engineering experience and training they can rely upon. Depending on staff to solve technical problems will lead to costly mistakes. This is why the CTO should have a degree in computer science and be knowledgeable in system architecture, programming and software design. A background in development is preferred.

Business and technical strategy development: The CTO will implement technologies and develop strategy to enhance Transship’s platform. Their focus will be on the customer, end product and increasing revenue. It’s important for the Chief Technology Officer to stay on top of emerging technologies, as well as understand the best uses for existing languages and frameworks.

Can build a talented team: The CTO is responsible for hiring the core development team. He/she needs to be able to identify and attract developers that aren’t just gifted but will help shape the culture of our business. Equally important, knowing when an employee is not going to work out. Project management skills: CTO should have experience in managing multiple projects while communicating with the development team and other business units. Must have very good communication skills.

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