CTO (Chief Technology Officer) - Gyst Audio

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Engineering · FULLTIME


About Us

At Gyst Audio, our core thesis revolves around making information easy to absorb. We believe information is the only tool needed to make better decisions.

As the first step in that roadmap, we are building a platform for publishers who traditionally have written works to make their content available to their users in human-generated audio.

A position at Gyst Audio would provide a significant opportunity for prospective candidates to be part of an ambitious effort to revolutionize the way we hear the world. We are looking for candidates who are passionate, not only about what they do and are good at, but also about learning new things and sharing ideas.

Well-positioned start-up looking for an experienced software engineer, with design and project management experience, to lead the next phase of development for Gyst Audio. In addition, the successful candidate will play a critical role in our effort to raise capital through equity financing to fuel future growth. As a result, candidates should possess good communication skills and share a commitment to excellence and innovation. Compensation is equity only until the close of the first round of funding.

Duties and responsibilities

As the CTO, the candidate will be generally responsible for the transformation of capital in the form of monetary, intellectual, or political, into technology in furtherance of the company’s objectives. Candidate must be an external facing technologist and a big thinker, and must show high acumen at infrastructure, visionary and operations management.

Responsibilities include:


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